Everything used to create the "CARTOUCHE" font display images:


  • 6 select texture brushes from "TONER," "DRAFTER," "PAPER," "SURFACE" brush sets
  • 2 background and overlay paper textures from "ORGANICA" and "BOOKCLOTH"
  • 1 .OTF sample font ("CARTOUCHE ROUGH PRINT BLEED") from the "CARTOUCHE" font set (4 font files in all: .OTF and .TTF of "CARTOUCHE CLEAN" AND "CARTOUCHE ROUGH PRINT BLEED")


*With one exception: the ink-bleed ARTIFACT MASTERS 03 ANTIQUE STAMP, excluded for its extra premium rare and secretive "ARTIFACT BRUSH" nature.


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    All product art is created with a mix of various Artifact Bazaar tools and sets.


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